What Is Depression?

Do you feel low every now and then?What Is Depression

Do you feel exhausted and helpless?

Is pessimism ruling your mind?

Just because you are smiling every time doesn’t mean that you are happy from within. Everybody feels sad or blue at some point in their life. But when this sadness becomes an everyday feeling, chances are high that you might be falling in depression.

What is Depression?

It is a mental disorder which affects the thoughts, feelings, actions and physical health of the sufferer. It reflects sad or negative moods beyond the normal levels of sorrowfulness. It is a common mental condition affecting millions of people every year. It is prevalent in all age groups. Whether it is a child or an older adult, it can affect any anyone at any stage of his/her life. But the key question now arises is: If I feel sad, does that means that I am depressed?

Do not Confuse Depression with Sadness

People feel sad on numerous occasions – after breaking up with their partners, after quarrelling with friends, after losing their jobs, when their closed one expires, when they fail in exams and the like. But such sadness can be overcome with proper care and time. However, this mental illness is not just a mere state of sadness. It is far more than that. It is a strong feeling that involves physical, mental and social behavioral change in a person. When people are depressed, they feel angry and hopeless, lose pleasure in daily activities, cry frequently, experience changes in diet and sleep, do self-criticism, etc. If not treated on time, it can even lead to dangerous effects like committing suicide. Studies report that every year, more than 8 million dejected people commit suicide. Hence, like any other illness, it should be treated immediately.

Is Depression Different from Anxiety Disorders?

Well, this has been quite a topic of debate from past so many years. But recent studies have stated that a depressed person might have anxiety disorder before he actually enters in the stage of this illness. Both the disorders have a few similar symptoms, yet it is hard to say that if one leads to another form or vice-versa. But to answer the above question, yes both are different with the former being more severe and serious.

Some Key Facts

  • The probability of a woman getting depressed is twice as compared to a man.
  • It can strike anyone, anytime at any point of life.
  • The economic cost of treating this illness goes up to 30-35 billion dollars a year. Needless to say, the cost of human suffering is uncountable.
  • Majority cases of suicide arise out of this medical condition and suicide is considered to be the ninth major cause for all the deaths in the world.
  • About 67% of folks suffering from this condition avoid taking the necessary treatment.
  • With increasing stress and changing lifestyle, WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that this disorder will be the 2nd major cause for the reduction in the number of healthy life years.
  • This disorder is reported higher in Hispanics, Americans and Afro-Americans.


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